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  • Tobias Dierks

    ABS Capacity Development Initiative

    Position: Communication, advocacy expert; e.g. climate change, biodiversity

    Working languages: English, French, German

    Skill Specialization: Advisory and Consulting, Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Communications, Editing, Event Management, Information Management, Public Relations and Media Relations, Publishing, Web and Social Media, Writing, Editing, Publishing

    # documents uploaded: 1

    # documents approved: 1

  • Hilaire Agnama

    TIC-UK, Trade Investment and Consultancy LLP

    Position: Director

    Working languages: English, French

    Skill Specialization: Advisory and Consulting, Business Matching, Capacity building, Cluster Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Developing Value Chains, Export Market Development, Market Development, Product Development (Industrial Products), Production Development (Agro-Based Products), Small and Medium-Size Enterprise Development

  • Anna Crole-Rees


    Position: Founder and CEO

    Working languages: English, French, German

    Skill Specialization: Farming as A Business, Evaluation, Advisory and Consulting, Baseline assessment, Capacity building, Facilitating Workshop and Seminars, Food Security

  • Gaynor Pais

    IRFT, International Resources for Fairer Trade

    Position: CEO

    Working languages: English

    Skill Specialization: Auditing and inspection, Baseline assessment, Capacity building, Community Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Needs Assessment

  • David Gibson

    IFC, International Finance Corporation

    Position: Senior ESG Risk Management Specialist

    Working languages: English, French, Spanish

    Skill Specialization: Information Technology Enabled Services, Information Management, Production Development (Agro-Based Products), Project Design and Management, International Purchasing & Supply Management

  • Solomon M. Kalema

    Position: Senior Communications Officer

    Working languages: English, French

    Skill Specialization: Business Writer, Communications, Corporate Communications, Cluster Development, Content Management System Adviser, E-Learning / Distance Learning: Content Development / Curriculum Development, Regulatory Analysis, Needs Assessment, Participatory Approaches

    # documents uploaded: 1

    # documents approved: 1

  • Gregory Sampson

    ITC, International Trade Centre ( Petra Walterova, Madison Wilcox, Ana Patricia Batalhone - contact persons for this organization in SxC)

    Position: Lead Solution Architect

    Working languages: English, French

    Skill Specialization: Website Analysis / Evaluation For Trade Information Dissemination, Web and Social Media, Value Chain Analysis, Training Materials Design and Development, Training Needs and Capacitiy Assessment, Sustainability management tools development, Project Design and Management, Market Development, Export Market Development, Business Intelligence / Information

    Organization Endorsement: ITC, International Trade Centre

    User Endorsement: Joseph Wozniak, Petra Walterova