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  • Tobias Dierks

    ABS Capacity Development Initiative

    Position: Communication, advocacy expert; e.g. climate change, biodiversity

    Working languages: English, French, German

    Skill Specialization: Advisory and Consulting, Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Communications, Editing, Event Management, Information Management, Public Relations and Media Relations, Publishing, Web and Social Media, Writing, Editing, Publishing

    # documents uploaded: 1

    # documents approved: 1

  • Roland Waardenburg


    Position: Partner

    Working languages: Dutch, English

    Skill Specialization: Advisory and Consulting, Certification, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cost Management Throughout Supply Chain, Communications, Costing and Pricing, Export Market Development, Farming as A Business, International Purchasing & Supply Management, Marketing, Sector Branding, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic planning, Supply chain mapping

  • Anna Crole-Rees


    Position: Founder and CEO

    Working languages: English, French, German

    Skill Specialization: Farming as A Business, Evaluation, Advisory and Consulting, Baseline assessment, Capacity building, Facilitating Workshop and Seminars, Food Security

  • Gaynor Pais

    IRFT, International Resources for Fairer Trade

    Position: CEO

    Working languages: English

    Skill Specialization: Auditing and inspection, Baseline assessment, Capacity building, Community Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Needs Assessment

  • Marnix Wolters

    HAS, HAS Universtity of Applied Sciences

    Position: Lecturer International Food & Agribusiness

    Working languages: Dutch;Flemish, English, Spanish, French, German

    Skill Specialization: Advisory and Consulting, Developing Value Chains, E-Learning / Distance Learning: Content Development / Curriculum Development, Facilitating Workshop and Seminars, Food Security

  • Walid Gaddas

    STECIA International, STECIA International

    Position: Managing Director

    Working languages: English, French, Arabic

    Skill Specialization: Advisory and Consulting

  • Thomas Bernet

    Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

    Position: Coordinator of organic market development projects

    Working languages: English, German, Spanish, French

    Skill Specialization: Market Development, Project Design and Management, Participatory Approaches, Marketing

    User Endorsement: Frank Eyhorn