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  • Israel Núñez Birrueta

    Israel Núñez Consultor

    Position: Director

    Working languages: Spanish, English, French

    Skill Specialization: Corporate Social Responsibility, Planning, Participatory Approaches

  • Wilfredo Augusto Rodríguez Callejas


    Position: Consultant

    Working languages: English

    Skill Specialization: Advisory and Consulting

  • Tony Nello

    Corporación Educativa para el Desarrollo Costarricense

    Position: Business Development Manager

    Working languages: French, English, Spanish

    Skill Specialization: Business Intelligence / Information, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Services, Food Security, Facilitating Workshop and Seminars, Project Design and Management, Writing, Editing, Publishing

  • Jerónimo Pruijn

    FUNDEPPO, Fundación de Pequeños Productores Organizados, A.C.

    Position: Executive Director

    Working languages: Spanish, English, Dutch;Flemish, French, German, Portuguese

    Skill Specialization: Advisory and Consulting, Project Design and Management