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Africa Program for Fisheries

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Africa Program for Fisheries

Improving Livelihoods and Creating Wealth Through Sustainable Fishers


By 2030, global fish demand, driven by growing population and income, is expected to rise by 40 million tons, and to consistently continue growing over the coming decades. As described in the Policy Framework and Reform Strategy for Fisheries and Aquaculture in Africa prepared in May 2014 by the African Union NEPAD, there is a strong opportunity for Africa to play a crucial role in the sector. Africa can leverage its rich marine and freshwater resource endowments and maximize sustainable and inclusive growth by investing in improved management systems and appropriate infrastructure. Fisheries represents a key social safety net, contributes to food and nutrition security, and provides jobs, in particular for rural coastal populations, which are among the poorest and most vulnerable. As African fisheries production continues to increase, attention is needed to avoid overexploitation, which in turn would decrease productivity and socio-economic benefits as observed elsewhere in the world

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