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Guidance on Hygiene and Safety in the Food Retail Sector

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Guidance on Hygiene and Safety in the Food Retail Sector


Foodborne disease and food contamination are significant public health issues in Asia, in both developed and developing countries. The retail food sector is a particularly challenging area given both its size and the fact it is the last point before food reaches the consumer. This document has been developed to cover guidance for both organized food retail and street foods. Aimed at both governments and retail food business operators (FBOs), it has been developed based on discussions held during a regional workshop on hygiene and safety in the food retail sector in September 2013 in Singapore. The guidance covers important requirements for the food retail sector, including legislative requirements, intersectoral coordination, gaining political support, registration and licensing, enforcement, surveillance, norms or standards (separate for organized food retail and street foods), education, training and awareness raising, capacity strengthening, nutrition and related activities and reduction of food losses and wastes.

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